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Payment to Umeå University can be made to different Bank Giro accounts due to the designation of the payment. Payments from outside Sweden is to be made to the university's IBAN/bank accounts. Special regulations apply to funds from EU.

When you make a payment to the university, it is important to state the current invoice- or requisition number. Otherwise accounting of the payment may be delayed. This may result in reminders and penalty interest.

Payments within Sweden via Bank giro

Payments to Umeå University Bankgiro
Invoice payments 5050-0701

Payment of requisition (grant)

5050-0701 Requisitions prepared in the Customer Ledger – the form is marked with a customer ID beginning with the letter R.

5050-0719 Requisitions prepared in another way – without the customer’s ID as above.

Payment from foreign countries via bank (This does not apply to payments from the EU-commission)

Account number 1281-011 8949
IBAN SE09 1200 0000 0128 1011 8949
Bank address

Danske Bank
Box 7523
SE-103 92 Stockholm

Exchange account (funds from EU-commission only)

The exchange account are to be used on condition that;

• The funds are given directly to the university from the EU-commission, the currency shall be Euro.
• The project shall have foreign participators
• The university shall be coordinators

When all the above requirements are fulfilled detailed information of the exchange account are to be given in the application or when you sign the agreement.

Account number 1281-011 6989
IBAN SE64 1200 0000 0128 1011 6989
Bank address Danske Bank
Box 7523
SE-103 92 Stockholm


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